Programme Liver Detox with Ayurveda - Tiredness is the pain of the liver

Ayurvedic liver cleanse

Programme Liver Detox with Ayurveda - 7 nights 

The liver is our central detoxifying organ. All those "little sins" in everyday life – such as too much work, alcohol or unhealthy food, too little exercise, sleep and relaxation – must constantly be compensated for by the liver. Chronic tiredness and lack of energy are the first signs that this vital organ is under stress. From experience we know, that at this point a natural liver detoxification, for example an Ayurvedic liver cleanse can help effectively.

Our programme Liver Detox with Ayurveda is dedicated to a comprehensive natural liver detoxification. Therapies which protect and regenerate the liver cells, cleansing Ayurvedic massages in combination with our excellent healthy gourmet kitchen “Ayurveda Cuisine”, provide you with a new vitality and long-term energy.

  • Programme Liver Detox with Ayurveda: Contents & Price
    • 1 x Abhyanga
    • 3 x Liver Pitchu
    • 2 x Padabhyanga
    • 2 x Vishesh
    • 1 x Udvartana
    • 1 x Svedana
    • 3 x Gentle internal detoxification
    • daily Ayurvedic regenerating products for the liver

    Ayurvedic medical support during your stay

    Cost of therapy
    € 1,775.00

    Early booking price
    (Cost of therapy)

    € 1,597.50

    Minimum booking 7 nights

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