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Our Mission


When entrepreneur Wolfgang Preuß began to turn the idea of a unique Ayurveda treatment centre into reality in the early 1990s, this was not just the start of a new business venture. It was the foundation for a project based on deep conviction, based on his own life-changing experience of Panchakarma.

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This gave rise to the desire to make the traditional healing art of Ayurveda accessible to as many people as possible. Above all, the Panchakarma treatment should be offered at the highest level. This matter of the heart became a mission that the Preuß family and the entire team at the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen are still living and carrying on with the utmost commitment today.

Our Vision: To make the world healthier, one person at a time!


Care and Dedication


An Ayurveda programme is an intensive time. Our team sees it as its special task to accompany you during this phase professionally, with passion and commitment. Our holistic concept is based on both Ayurvedic medical expertise and the heartfelt support of all team members.

This holistic approach would not be complete without the people who put the principles of Ayurveda into practice with great dedication every day, and accompany your Ayurveda treatment with sensitivity.


We look forward to welcoming you to our resort!

In the Best of Hands

Personalised Ayurvedic medical care throughout your stay:

  • Initial consultation incl. intensive Ayurvedic-medical assessment
  • Planning of an individual therapy schedule
  • Regular interim consultations
  • Adjustment of the therapy plan during the course of your stay, if necessary
  • Nutrition and lifestyle counselling with valuable tips on how to establish a healthy lifestyle in your everyday life

Our Ayurveda Practitioners

An Ayurveda programme is always associated with holistic and individualised support from our Ayurveda practitioners. During the detailed initial consultation and interim appointments, they will determine the course and intensity of your treatment, and will be on call at all times with their expertise and empathetic care. Our healing practitioners are specially trained in the field of Ayurveda and have many years of practical experience.

Independently of this, the licensed doctor Dr Regina Ford regularly supplements the Ayurveda medicine team at the Parkschlösschen in a separate area on a part-time basis. Thanks to her in-depth Ayurveda training and many years of practical experience, she will provide you with competent support during your Ayurveda stay.

Maria Hebel

Nutritionist & Ayurvedic practitioner

2012-2015B.Sc. Nutritional Sciences, Germany

2015-2017Training as healing practitioner

2016-2017Training as a yoga teacher

2018-2020Ayurveda training under Dr. Vasant Lad, New Mexico

Since 2020Ayurvedic practitioner at the Parkschlösschen

Kira Hündgen

Ayurvedic practitioner

2014Training as Ayurveda Therapist

2014-2023Freelance work as an Ayurvedic practitioner in Ayurveda spas and clinics in Germany and Great Britain

2016Training as healing practitioner

2017-2022M.Sc. Ayurvedic medicine, Great Britain

2019Further training in Ayurveda for women

2021-2022Advanced training in gynaecology

Since 2023Ayurvedic practitioner at the Parkschlösschen

Vanita Kansal

Ayurvedic practitioner

2000-2006Ayurvedic medicine (B.A.M.S.), India

2006-2007Ayurveda lecturer and Ayurvedic practitioner, India

Since 2007Speaker on topics regarding Ayurveda in Germany, Switzerland, China and India

2010-2015Ayurveda expert at the Parkschlösschen

2016Training as healing practitioner

Since 2017Ayurvedic practitioner at the Parkschlösschen

Dr. med. Regina Ford

Specialist for internal medicine and Ayurvedic practitioner

2001State examination in Medicine, Switzerland

2003-2008Assistant physician for Internal Medicine, Switzerland

2008Medical Specialist for Internal Medicine FMH

2009-2012Studies and Master of Science Degree in Ayurveda Medicine, Great Britain

2013-2014Senior physician for Internal Medicine, Switzerland

Since 2014Occupation at various clinics in Internal Medicine, Neurology and Oncology, Great Britain

Since 2017Part-time physician and Ayurvedic practitioner at the Parkschlösschen


The ultimate Ayurveda experience with expert care.