Anti-Stress Programme

Gaining new life energy through detox with Ayurveda

Anti-Stress Programme - 6 nights 

Inner peace and serenity should be the basis of a happy and healthy life. However, a flurry of activity, stress and a flood of outside stimuli are constantly robbing our daily energy. Inner energy reserves shrink. We feel tired and worn out and become more susceptible to sickness. Escape from this never-ending spiral: de-stress yourself long-term and gain new life energy through detox with Ayurveda and our Anti-stress programme.

Harmonising full-body synchronous oil massages, a clarifying herbal steam bath and mild cleansing of the digestive tract activate the body's own detox functions gently and effectively.

The result of detox with Ayurveda: regained life energy and a strengthened immune system.

  • Anti-Stress Programme: Contents & Price
    • 1 x Abhyanga 
    • 1 x Udvartana 
    • 1 x Vishesh 
    • 1 x Pizzichilli 
    • 1 x Svedana
    • 1 x Shirodhara
    • 1 x Padabhyanga
    • 3 x Gentle internal detoxification

    Ayurvedic medical support during your stay

    Cost of therapy
    € 1,540.00

    Early booking price
    (cost of therapy)


    Minimum booking 6 nights

For an offer, please contact us by email or call us at +49 (0)6541-7050.

Our booking recommendation:

book your Detox stay at least 4 weeks ahead of arrival in order to be able to go through the full preparation process at home.
Our pre-cure recommendations can be found here >>