Laughter Yoga at the Parkschlösschen

Joyous supplement to our Yoga and Ayurveda offers

Laughing is healthy:
Laughter Yoga at the Parkschlösschen

The Parkschlösschen proposes various Yoga and Ayurveda offers. As part of our gratis supporting programme, there are for example regularly Laughter Yoga sessions as a group exercise with professional instruction.

What is Laughter Yoga?
Laughter Yoga is a joyous and effective method of preventative health care. It stimulates and maintains good health, it boosts life energy and is absolutely unique in its form.

Amongst others, the proven effects are:

  • improved deep breathing
  • optimized supply of oxygen to the cells
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • increased production of endorphins
  • reduced production of cortisol (stress hormone)

Laughter also has many beneficial effects on emotional and social levels. It helps you adopt a more optimistic attitude to life, it leads to a positive charisma and develops social bonding – laughter connects, creates social cohesion and finally an atmosphere of tolerance, love and respect.

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