Ayurveda Cuisine

Healthy Pleasure at the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen

Eat yourself healthy!

Exclusively delicious, diversified and artfully prepared Ayurveda Cuisine is served daily in our Ayurveda restaurant - specially adapted for our Ayurveda programmes and your individual needs (e.g. allergies, food-intolerances). Natural foods, aromatic spices and herbs and the joy of cooking form the basis of this vegetarian and, on request, vegan cuisine at the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen.

Always fresh, finely balanced and easy to digest it relieves the metabolism and provides life energy.

  • Ayurvedic full board includes
    • all meals
    • special diet food according to indication
    • daily changing afternoon soup
    • all drinks: medicinal herbal and Ayurvedic tees, thermal water
    • hot drinking water room service 2x daily
    • a diverse Ayurvedic buffet on Sundays

    Cost: € 85 p.P.

ATTENTION: We do not offer alcoholic beverages, coffee or black/ green tea or use conventional sugar. The cure requires a special nutritional plan, so on some days there may be no breakfast. On the purgative days you will be served a light soup (1-2 days). The price for our Ayurvedic full board is understood as a mixed calculation. Naturally, special diet plans based on the course of the cure were taken into account.