Ayurveda Cuisine

Healthy Pleasure at the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen

Eat yourself healthy!

Exclusively delicious, diversified and artfully prepared Ayurveda Cuisine is served daily in our Ayurveda restaurant - specially adapted for our Ayurveda programmes and your individual needs (allergies, food-intolerances for example).

Always fresh, finely balanced and easy to digest it relieves the metabolism and provides life energy.

Ayurvedic full board includes

  • all meals
  • special diet food according to indication
  • daily changing afternoon soup
  • all drinks: medicinal herbal and Ayurvedic tees, thermal water
  • hot drinking water room service 2x daily
  • a diverse Ayurvedic buffet on Sundays

Cost: € 85 p.P.

ATTENTION: We do not offer alcoholic beverages, coffee or black/ green tea or use conventional sugar. The cure requires a special nutritional plan, so on some days there may be no breakfast. On the purgative days you will be served a light soup (1-2 days).

Ayurveda Cuisine at Home

In theory…
... with our Parkschlösschen cookbook "The Art of Ayurvedic Cooking" >>
... with regular new recipes in our Health Blog >>
... with our specially developed Easy Ayurveda Cooking Guide
(Video & Download in German language) >>

... and with our Dosha Food Guide
(Video & Download in German language) >>

In practice…
... with our regular Ayurveda cooking workshops >>