Getting to know Ayurveda

Be indulged by the Parkschlösschen team

Taking a Break & A Day of Ayurveda
at the Parkschlösschen

You are interested in getting to know the principles of health care in Ayurveda, with its thousands of years old tradition? You want to be indulged by the Parkschlösschen team with our healthy gourmet kitchen and relaxing synchronous massages?

Let our Ayurveda offers Taking a Break (2 or 4 nights) and A Day of Ayurveda paint you a picture of our diverse palette of Ayurvedic treatments. Taste our delicious vegetarian Ayurveda Cuisine (vegan option bookable) and enjoy harmonizing treatments at the Parkschlösschen. Our experts are always ready to answer all your questions and give you advice and background information about Ayurveda, “the wisdom of life”.

By experience we know: even a short stay and the changeover to our Ayurveda Cuisine can give an enormous boost to your sense of well-being!

Getting to know Ayurveda at the Parkschlösschen: also an ideal gift!
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