Ayurveda Mental Detox at the Parkschlösschen

Ayurvedic Psychology Consultations

Ayurveda Mental Detox: Purification of the Mind

An Ayurveda break, especially a Panchakarma Cure, can trigger intense psycho-emotional processes. Since, based on the Ayurvedic fundamental principle of a holistic approach to things, not only the body undergoes profound cleansing, but the mind is also released of its emotional ballast. During this process, you will receive professional guidance from Sanju Misra, a qualified psychotherapist who joined our Parkschlösschen team of Ayurvedic practitioners in October 2017, and who will work together with you on finding answers and solutions to your questions and problems.

She is always available for individual discussion and consultation appointments Tues-Sun between 9.00 – 18.30 h.

Ayurvedic Psychology Consultations are charged as followed:

  90 min €   210.00
120 min

€   275.00

Further consultation appointments, which may be required after your stay at the Parkschlösschen, can be conducted via Skype.

Please make an appointment directly with our medical secretary’s office by calling Tel. +49 (0)6541 705 230 or by e-mail.