Ayurvedic Psychology Consultation

Mental Detox with Ayurveda

Clarity of Mind & inner Serenity

An Ayurveda break, especially a Panchakarma Cure, can trigger intense psycho-emotional processes. Among our extra offerings are Ayurvedic psychology consultations which accompany you attentively and professionally on your way to more mental clarity and inner peace. Our Ayurvedic psychology consultant Mrs. Kathleen Landbeck will teach you how to discover and develop your own mental strength and strengthen your psychological resilience. Follow up appointments via Skype after your stay are also possible.

Ayurvedic Psychology Consultation90 min€ 200
Skype Follow up 60 min€ 150

Further information & booking

You can book Ayurvedic psychology consultations directly with our reception team by email or by phone under +49(0) 6541-7050.

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