Outpatient Consultation

Let our Ayurvedic Practitioners advise you

Recognizing imbalances according to the holistic science of Ayurveda and gaining detailed recommendations for a healthier life - the outpatient consultation with our Ayurvedic practitioners provides valuable tips for your health.

  • Professional Ayurvedic practitioners

    Our healing practitioners have received intensive training in the field of Ayurveda with its diverse health topics. Based on their sound education and many years of practical experience, they will not only assist you competently during your Ayurveda stay, but are also available for outpatient appointments.

Costs: 50-60 min. | € 220*

including a guided tour with a short introduction to Ayurveda

*The costs will be credited to you in case you start an Ayurvedic programme (of 7 days or longer) within 3 months.

You would like to stay with us?
As part of the outpatient appointments, we offer you a discounted accommodation package including dinner and drinks as well as a breakfast buffet starting from € 200.