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What our Guests say about the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen

"The Ayurveda Parkschlösschen is my Service Station for Health"

For your complete well-being and security, we at the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen are giving you the best of Ayurveda service with the greatest of care. This is very much appreciated by our guests - and rewarded with numerous positive reviews and comments.

  • Here are the latest contributions directly from the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen
    • „I have completely forgotten the sleep deprivation and stress that drove me to book this Panchakarma cure. I have so much energy now! I feel 5 years younger and completely rejuvenated. I feel light on my feet and filled with new inspiration and a clear focused mind to continue using Ayurvedic principles in my life. Thank you for taking such good care of me!"
      Mrs. B., September 2018

    • „My toxic, anxious, depressed self melted and died. I went to heaven during this Panchakarma experience and have returned filled with a sense of ease and calm and optimism to enjoy the next chapter of my life. Thank you to everyone at the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen and thank you to the Almighty for leading me here.“
      Mrs. A., June 2018

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