Centrepiece of the Ayurvedic cure at the Parkschlösschen

Our Ayurveda therapy department

Effective Ayurvedic treatments

During your Ayurvedic cure the Parkschlösschen focusses consequently on all significant and effective Ayurvedic treatments. The traditional massages are part of this spectrum and are a benefit to the entire organism. Chosen by the Ayurvedic practitioners depending on the indication, they resolve muscle tension, encourage detoxification and activate nerve cells, while special oils and body packs deeply cleanse and nourish the body. Amongst the treatments, the synchronous oil massages are synonymous for deep relaxation.

It is written in the ancient Vedic scripts, that women may only be massaged by women and men may only be massaged by men. Out of conviction and year-long experience, at the Parkschlösschen we adhere to the original interpretation of the Ayurvedic teachings. At our Ayurveda therapy department, we have 13 therapy rooms and 11 quiet rooms on a total surface area of 800 m² available for your well-being.

Through deep relaxation in your personal Ayurvedic cure at the Parkschlösschen you will achieve perfect harmony with yourself.

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