Ayurveda Cuisine for at home

The Parkschlösschen cookbook

Find the approach to Ayurvedic healthy gourmet kitchen
with the Parkschlösschen cookbook

With 80 recipes for a healthy gourmet kitchen, Eckhard Fischer introduces the Ayurveda Cuisine in our Parkschlösschen cookbook “The Art of Ayuvedic Cooking” and gives a first insight into the background of Ayurvedic nutrition. For example, the basic principles  of Ayurvedic dietetics are explained, and a glossary defines the most important terminology. An overview of foods suitable to each Dosha type makes it easy to use the recipes in one’s daily life.

Let yourself be inspired by the colourful and diversified Ayurveda Cuisine!

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By the way:
Many other delicious recipes from our Ayurveda Cuisine are put out regularly in our Parkschlösschen-Blog (in German language) and our Parkschlösschen Newsletter.

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