Ayurveda Cuisine during the Ayurvedic cure

Food for the senses

Culinary delight during the Ayurvedic cure –
the Ayurveda Cuisine at the Parkschlösschen

Fine Ayurveda Cuisine is our passion. Our creative, refined and varied vegetarian dishes will rouse your appetite for healthy Ayurvedic nutrition during your Ayurvedic cure (vegan option bookable). Natural foods, aromatic herbs and creative preparation form the basis of all cooking at the Parkschlösschen. Fresh, finely balanced and easily digestible, our healthy gourmet kitchen relieves metabolism and is a great source of life energy.

During your Ayurvedic cure, we make it enjoyably easy to begin a new eating pattern: in our own in-house training kitchen, our cooks hold regular cooking workshops to arouse your passion for Ayurvedic cooking. To help you continue with your new eating pattern, our book “The Art of Ayurvedic Cooking – Parkschlösschen Cuisine”, containing 80 recipes, will be your gourmet guide at home. Our daily supporting programme includes lectures on the basic principles of Ayurvedic healthy gourmet kitchen.


Due to the Ayurvedic cures, we do not offer any alcoholic beverages, coffee or black tea at the Parkschlösschen. During an Ayurvedic detoxification cure you will be provided with our Ayurveda Cuisine. However, as it is a detox diet, our guests may not be allowed to have breakfast on some days. On laxative days (1-2 days), only light soups are served.