The Parkschlösschen practice book “The Art of Ayurvedic Healing”

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Everything supporting your Ayurvedic cure –
the Parkschlösschen practice book

Ever since 1993, the Parkschlösschen has been authentically and consequently implementing the traditional Ayurvedic art of healing, with heart and soul, with knowledge and wisdom. A holistic concept, that is not only appreciated by countless regular guests, but has also been affirmed by numerous topclass awards.

“The Art of Ayurvedic Healing – The Parkschlösschen Practice Book” is intended to provide readers with the opportunity to take home with them a piece of this special “Parkschlösschen Ayurveda”. On more than 170 clearly set-out pages and in a comprehensible manner, it explains the oldest health system in the world as well as its application in many different areas of life. It is the ideal companion when preparing for an Ayurvedic cure and offers excellent support afterwards.

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