Panchakarma at the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen

Royal Therapy of Ayurveda

Panchakarma - the special Discipline of the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen

The classic Ayurveda cleansing cure, Panchakarma, has been Ayurveda Parkschlösschen’s specialty since it opened in 1993. The main purpose of this intensive detox programme is to activate the self-healing powers of the body and to provide preventive health care. This is achieved by individually adapting and effectively combining different Ayurvedic cleaning and treatment procedures for each guest.

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Good Reasons for a Panchakarma Cure

We know from experience that besides prevention, Panchakarma is also well suited for convalescence and regeneration, e.g. in acute fatigue syndrome or after increased stress due to extreme professional or private challenges.

  • Traditional fields of application are also:
    • Chronic illnesses
    • Neuro-vegetative illnesses
    • Cardiovascular disorders
    • Gynaecological ailments

If you have questions or uncertainties, we will, without obligation, thoroughly and discreetly advise you to see if the cure is indicated. Please feel free to contact our Ayurveda medical secretary under +49(0)6541-705-230 or by e-mail at ayurmed (at)