The diagnostic methods of Ayurveda

Basis of an Ayurvedic cure

Consultation by an Ayurvedic practitioner -
basis of every Ayurvedic cure

To determine your individual constitution and any existing imbalances, every Ayurvedic practitioner at the Parkschlösschen makes use of a total of eight traditional methods of diagnosis in Ayurveda. These comprise:

    • The Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis

    • Examination of the tongue

    • Examination of the eyes

    • Evaluation of the urine

    • Evaluation of the faeces

    • Conclusions drawn from the voice

    • Examination of the skin

    • Conclusions drawn from the outward appearance

In authentic Ayurveda the pulse diagnosis is a central and particularly fine-tuned measuring instrument. With incomparable precision the Ayurvedic practitioner collects information about the individual constitution and bodily functions. This forms a fundamental foundation for holistic treatment and determines the individual therapy plan for the Ayurvedic cure at the Parkschlösschen.