Ayurveda at the Parkschlösschen

Holistic Ayurvedic treatments finely tuned to the individual needs of people today

Ayurveda - and nothing else

The Ayurveda Parkschlösschen is the only 5-star resort in Europe, where Ayurvedic philosophy is practiced exclusively and with a holistic approach. The concept of the house is Ayurveda – and nothing else. Therefore, we see ourselves as a health resort and not as a wellness hotel.

Every single member of staff makes his special contribution to an effective stay at the Parkschlösschen. As a team, we work hand in hand for the health of our guests. All our therapists and Ayurvedic practitioners have many years of experience in Ayurveda and in the royal discipline – the Panchakarma cure.

Here, no two strategies are alike. The thousands of years old therapies and methods of Ayurvedic medicine form the basis of all programmes – finely tuned to the individual needs of people today.

Sustainable and holistic health for our guests – that has been our declared objective since the opening of the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen in February 1993.

  • A speciality of the Ayurvedic treatments at the Parkschlösschen: The Ayurvedic synchronous massage

    During a synchronous massage, two therapists carry out the massage of the body simultaneously. Whilst doing so, they work with four hands synchronously and communicate solely by eye contact.  A synchronous massage is one of the most profound and elaborate treatments during an Ayurvedic cure. Only an extremely well-coordinated team is able to meet these intense therapeutic demands. For this reason, this form of synchronous massage is very rarely offered in European Ayurveda centres. Even in India and Sri Lanka it has long ceased to be a matter of course. At the Parkschlösschen they are a fixed part of the Ayurvedic treatments offered.

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