Ayurveda Detox & Health Resort


Power & Energy

With Panchakarma you can strengthen your body's own healing powers and enjoy individual support along your path to more life energy with Ayurveda.

Cleansing & Regeneration

Authentic Ayurvedic therapies cleanse and detox on a holistic basis and provide us with long-lasting regeneration.

Enjoyment & Balance

Unhealthy eating is a burden for our organism. Enjoy our Ayurveda Cuisine and effortlessly find your way to individual balance.

Calm & Relaxation

Stress, restlessness, inner tension – find inner calm in the tranquil, relaxing atmosphere at the Parkschlösschen.

Competence & Professionalism

Place your trust in an experienced team of professionals, who will be by your side with their knowledge and wisdom all the way.

Short Ayurveda Getaways

Regaining more life energy with Ayurveda